Recommended Beautiful Hidden Cafe in Jakarta

Recommended Beautiful Hidden Cafe in Jakarta – Nowadays, more and more people are happy to visit cafes to hang out or enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Now there are many new cafe places popping up. Not infrequently there are located a bit hidden.

In East Jakarta, there is a hidden gem cafe that is super instagramable, cool, and super cozy for spending time with friends. Here’s the review, let’s take a look!

Recommended Beautiful Hidden Cafe in Jakarta

1. Hakuna Matata Coffee
Located not far from Graha Cijantung Mall, this cafe, which is located in a dense residential area on the roadside of East Jakarta, from the outside looks ordinary. However, once you enter it, you will feel very comfortable. This place that is currently hype among young people is also known as a bohemian-style cafe that is kids friendly, this can be seen with the provided playground and ilpuntocaffecavour baby chairs. Besides that, the interior is also very eye catchy and instagenic, you know!

Take photos, it’s really good! If you want more privacy, here is also a special area that can be used, by placing a minimum order of IDR 50k. In this private area, you can really feel the artsy feel of the Bohemian style! The best seller here is beef saikoro don and kecombrang lung rice. Don’t forget to also try the steam boat with a sour, spicy and fresh taste!

Address: Jl. Mid No. 5, Cijantung, East Jakarta

Operating hours: 12.00-19.30 WIB

Price: starting from IDR 20k

2. Orvia Coffee & Vegan Gelato
Located between rows of shophouses along Jalan Kalimalang, there is a beautiful contemporary coffee shop, which was designed by the owner, who is an architecture graduate. The use of materials made of wood seems to blend perfectly with the brown interior of the building. The aesthetic design will make you feel at home to hang out and take pictures at the same time!

The ingredients used in the process of drinking and food here are very natural and healthy with the distinctive taste of the archipelago which is rich in spices. Here you will not find soda and alcoholic drinks. Instead, you can try kombucha which is much healthier and refreshing. The signature menu at Orvio is its gelato with 20 flavors, including matcha, chocolate, and coffee milk.

Uniquely, this gelato uses soy milk and homemade cashews. Another ultimate dish is balacan black rice. This simple dish is fried rice made from a mixture of black rice, brown rice and brown rice with belacan seasoning. Lastly, don’t forget to stop by his favorite photo spot on the third floor. You can enjoy Orvia dishes on the rooftop which is at the top of this building with a beautiful view of the twilight sky!

Address: Jl. Raya Kalimalang No. 1 B-C Block A20, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta

Operating hours: 10.00-20.00 WIB

Price: starting from IDR 18k

3. This Is Hud
This minimalist concept building consists of 3 floors with an aesthetic and instagramable interior. On the first floor, the use of wood-based materials is dominant. And there are wall decorations that highlight a minimalist impression. Entering the second floor, there is a green area to sit comfortably with a synthetic green carpet and some colorful bean bags.

Moving to the third floor, this area is more often used for private events such as workshops or meetings. For those who are Muslim, there is also a prayer room here, right! So you could say this place is super complete. There are also many sockets, so you don’t need to be confused if your gadget is low.

And on the top floor there is a rooftop which is a favorite place for visitors. On this rooftop, you can barbecue too, you know! The afternoon is a suitable time to visit this cafe while enjoying the view of Jalan Jatiwaringin from the top of the building and especially when you want to see the sunset.

This Is Hud provides a wide selection of delicious food and drink menus. For drinks, hot and iced coffee, filter coffee, tea, and kombucha are available. For the food menu, there are fried rice, rice bowls, noodles, pasta, bread, kids menu and food appetizers.

Address: Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin No. 13, Cipinang, East Jakarta

Operating hours: 07.00-20.00 WIB

Price: starting from IDR 18k