LOSE MAIN SLOTS LOSE 2 BILLIONStarting from curiosity to addiction, victims of online slot gambling admit to experiencing losses of up to billions of rupiah. The victory felt by the victims at the beginning of playing online slot gambling turned out to be only for a moment because after that they always lost. Worse yet, after the victim has lost so many times that they have suffered a lot of losses, they are difficult to stop and are still addicted.

The following is an outpouring of the hearts of victims of online slot gambling taken from various sources.

“Before knowing online gambling, life was peaceful, eating well, sleeping well. Since knowing online gambling, everything went wrong. Debt to debt 20 million, debt to friends and relatives, 30 million, 3 cellphones have been sold. online gambling can stop gambling.” Write an account Reski Ramdani98. “Saving 1 year and a half got more than 60 million + 23 million winnings until you didn’t realize you lost 190 million in 2 months. Even though the money to build a house with your wife and children until they were divorced, God gave me your guidance.” Write Rich Blessings.

Muhamad Raffi’s account also wrote on Yami Yami Mask’s youtube channel “2 years ago I won a total of 67 million, only 1 month of playing, finally looking for guidelines to increase my win, but by videos that show only the danger. I don’t care anyway I won, as a result only 6 months of cars and savings, even debts for a total loss of 600 million. Hopefully you can recover, remember once you are addicted to auto judol, you stop when you lose everything. The choice is in your mind, my friend.”

One of the victims of online slot gambling has even thought of spending his own life because he is not strong enough to always lose. “When I first knew about gambling from trading stocks, I felt that I was lacking in winnings. Finally, I started to try gambling. It was already good to work as a civil servant/ASN. Instead, I took credit at the bank for my stupid deposit, oh my God.” Right Left account said.