This Is a List of Healthy Restaurants In Jakarta

This Is a List of Healthy Restaurants In Jakarta – As many of us know today that there are many restaurants that are open in Jakarta and also provide clean eating places and healthy food. Food is important for the body. Especially for those who want to lose weight, of course they become more selective in consuming something. Not a few restaurants that serve delicious but less healthy food. Then, what if you are on a diet or want to eat at a restaurant with a good nutritional menu? Here are 5 recommendations for healthy restaurants in Jakarta.

This Is a List of Healthy Restaurants In Jakarta

1. SaladStop!
SaladStop serves fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones. This is a factor that makes them have high quality. The salads longdongles are made with great taste and fill a bowl full. Here, you can choose to add chicken or fish in one serving. SaladStop also provides coffee made from organic coffee beans.

2. Burgreens
Healthy and tasty, Burgreen serves food with a vegan menu. You can even find various types of foreign and domestic food, such as rendang, onigiri, etc. One menu that is identical to its name is the mini trio which consists of 3 burgers with a layer of salad, sweet potato, mushroom meat, and red beans.

3. Fedwell
Can make their own menu, Fedwell allows visitors to choose all the vegetables themselves, from the base, toppings, proteins, to dressings. Fedwell’s signature dish is The Don. It doesn’t feel bad! Not only a vegan menu, this restaurant also serves drinks and desserts that are recognized as delicious by visitors.

4. Tastes Salad Bar
Serasa Salad Bar has a minimalist concept. With affordable prices, Serasa Salad Bar is one of the hits restaurants in Jakarta. The unique menu they serve is a salad roll like sushi but without protein at all. The salad wraps here are also huge and worth trying.

5. Maple & Oak
Being one of the most popular brunch cafes, Maple & Oak is a comfortable place with service that never disappoints. Menus that can be ordered include maple butter brioche, early gray boba cake, and steak. This cafe provides a variety of different food menus between breakfast and lunch menus.